Breakfast and a Show: Emily’s Bright-and-Early Bridal Shower


It was March 29, 2014. Many of Emily’s beloved friends and family members live out of state, but those who were able to attend her bridal shower arrived at the Ackley residence bright and early and enjoyed a hearty feast of coffee, blueberry muffins, yogurt parfaits, and breakfast casserole.

The bridesmaids would soon embark upon a journey into Dallas for a bachelorette weekend of rock climbing, trampolining, laughter, and a few tears, but just then, they had all settled in to decorate granny panties, gush and giggle about Emily & Bryan’s relationship, and watch Emily swim in her freshly-acquired sea of lingerie.

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Over breakfast, Emily regaled us with tales of some of her more glorious(ly awkward) moments throughout her and Bryan’s relationship and had us all rolling by the time that our plates were empty.

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Next, it was time to bust out the granny panties. Our lovely host, Laura, explained the rules of the game: each guest was to decorate a pair of underwear and Emily would choose the pair she liked best. The competition was fierce to be sure!

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Emily even made Bryan his very own pair of granny panties, adorned with his racing number.


In the end, each guest modeled their unique creation for Emily (you won’t be seeing those photos), but it was Laura’s design that took the prize, and so, after a few hilarious group photos, we moved on to the gifts!

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After Emily had opened all of her presents and was feeling thoroughly gooey and loved, an efficient clean-up party ensued and then the bridesmaids departed for Dallas to continue celebrating Emily with an overnight bachelorette party—and you can find those delightful photos here!


Emily & Bryan said their vows and sealed their love on April 5, 2014 in the middle of a beautiful grove of pecan trees at Freestone County Raceway, a motocross racetrack in Wortham, Texas where Bryan has so often proved his mettle on a dirt bike. The Burnetts also gave me the privilege of photographing their wedding day, along with their engagement portraits, their wedding shower, and Emily’s bridal portraits and bachelorette party.

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