Ducks and Dodgeball: Emily’s Bachelorette Adventure


Let’s Celebrate Emily Weekend 2014 began with an intimate gathering of friends and family members for Emily’s bridal shower and continued throughout the weekend as the bridesmaids journeyed into Dallas for an overnight bachelorette party featuring dinner at Blue Mesa Grill, rock climbing at Summit Gym, trampolines and dodgeball at Jumpstreet, and unexpectedly, baby ducks!

Despite experiencing several unplanned misadventures throughout the weekend, I’m sure that all of the bridesmaids in attendance would agree that Emily’s adventurous bachelorette bash was still a grand success—after all, everyone held their own on the mechanical bull!

First, came the baby ducks, which we cuddled at Emily’s aunt’s house in Blooming Grove.


The Bennetts’ dog, Gracie, is a good duck guardian.


Eventually, we were able to tear ourselves away from the ducks’ immense cuteness and made our way to Blue Mesa Grill in Dallas to eat our weight in scrumptious Mexican food and sweet potato chips. I, for one, ordered the avocado enchiladas and never looked back!

The remainder of the evening was spent exploring our hotel and spending quality time with Emily, which definitely included some time spent driving (or rather, sitting) in traffic, a lingerie fashion show, and much giggling about the fact that Emily would be marrying her best friend in less than a week.

In the morning, we dressed in athletic attire and drove (with zero traffic, remarkably) to Jumpstreet, an indoor trampoline park with a trampoline court, a dodgeball court, a foam pit, and one fiesty mechanical bull. We spent one glorious hour jumping and cartwheeling, pelting each other with dodgeballs, attempting to stay astride that cranky bull, and trying to crawl out of the quicksand-esque foam pit before heading to the rock gym.


Emily was a beast on the mechanical bull, as you can see.


Such style! Such grace! Emily, you are a tough act to follow.


The staff members at Jumpstreet were kind enough to clear the dodgeball court of other guests so that we could take some epic photos, and one of them even took a group picture for us!


Once we were all jumped out, we loaded back into our vehicles and drove to Summit Rock Gym, which was a few minutes down the street. Since most of the bridesmaids had never climbed before, we signed waivers, got fitted for rental equipment, and completed a brief training course about safety procedures, rules, and proper climbing etiquette before we took to the walls. Summit’s staff was fun and knowledgeable, so we were able to start climbing in no time at all.


By the time we finished climbing, all of us were thoroughly exhausted from the weekend’s festivities, so we parted ways, all the while looking forward to seeing each other again at Emily & Bryan’s wedding, which would take place in less than a week. Thank you, Emily, for allowing us to celebrate you and your beautiful adventurous heart!

“Here’s to having an excellent adventure and may the stopping never start.” — Jason Mraz


Emily & Bryan said their vows and sealed their love on April 5, 2014 in the middle of a beautiful grove of pecan trees at Freestone County Raceway, a motocross racetrack in Wortham, Texas where Bryan has so often proved his mettle on a dirt bike. The Burnetts also gave me the privilege of photographing their wedding day, along with their engagement portraits, their wedding shower, and Emily’s bridal portraits and bridal shower.

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