Adventure & Lifestyle Photography

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” — Helen Keller

Let’s adventure together!

I live in Georgetown, Texas and frequently visit my wonderful family in Blooming Grove, so much of my work is done in and around Travis, Williamson, and Navarro counties. However, even if you’re not from around these parts, don’t worry about it because I love traveling! In these situations, I do ask clients to cover basic travel expenses, but I’m low maintenance — promise!

If you think we might be a good fit or if you have questions, feel free to get in touch and I’ll respond immediately. It would be such an honor to have an adventure with you!

Outdoor Portraits

Let’s hike your favorite trail, climb some rocks, or wade in a creek. Along the way, I’ll take headshots, portraits, and action shots that capture your adventurous spirit. Examples. $150 per hour.

Pet Portraits

The bonds between us and our beloved pets are often impossible to explain with words. Let’s work together with your animal(s) to meaningful photographs that communicate the mutual love and respect between you. Examples. $150 per hour.

“Day in the Life” Portraits

Instead of taking traditional family pictures this year, invite me to spend a day in your home documenting all of the everyday adventures and fleeting moments that truly define your family’s beautiful life together. Examples. $150 per hour.

Landscapes & Architecture

Are you a landowner with a pretty barn or lake that you’d like to hang on your wall at home?  Or perhaps you hail from the city, but adore a certain landmark or section of town. Landscape photography is what I do best! We can work together to create something as grand as a wall-sized print for your home or something as simple as computer wallpaper.  Tell me a little bit about your project and I’ll give you a quote!


Plan a trip and pack your photographer in your suitcase! Imagine feeling free to live in the moment because you’re not scrambling to preserve the memories you make with your loved ones. Imagine having a professional by your side to capture the sunset that took your breath away or how excited you were to try rock climbing for the first time. Pricing depends on the length of your trip, my basic transportation and room/board costs, and other factors. Let’s discuss it!

* Listed prices do not reflect required Texas state sales tax.

More than simply compensation for the short time that I spend taking photos during a session or event, my prices are reflective of the long hours I will spend behind the scenes before and after our shoot to ensure that you receive the high quality photographs that you deserve. Some of that includes getting to know you and deciding how best to tell your story, scouting for perfect locations and securing permits/permissions if necessary, preparing and cleaning my equipment, editing the images we create together, and finally, copying your images onto a disc and uploading them into your personalized print gallery.