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I highly recommend Rebecca’s photography! Rebecca took  me and my husband’s engagement photos. Rebecca also took my bridal pictures. Both photoshoots were pressure-free, positive, and fun! I was worried that I would be uptight during the photoshoots, but Rebecca made the experience enjoyable! Throughout the photoshoots, we laughed, shared stories, and brainstormed ideas. I was deeply impressed by the professional quality of the photographs that I received; they were artistic and natural. Rebecca used both morning and evening light throughout my photoshoots. At the end, I was left with diverse, original, and high-quality photographs.

— Laura A.

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My wife and I had our engagement pictures taken by Rebecca. We did the photo shoot before I proposed and to tell the truth the photo shoot was just as fun as the proposal itself. Rebecca made it so natural to have an intimate and fun moment with my wife but still get great shots! One of the things I loved most about the shoot was how good Rebecca is at building a setting. Rebecca is worth every penny and I will DEFINITELY have her capture memories of my family in the future.

— Scott A.

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Rebecca is an amazingly talented photographer! She did a fantastic job on our engagement, wedding, bachelorette, bridal shower, wedding shower, and bridal photos. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

— Emily B.

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Thank you, Rebecca, for a great photo shoot! Very professional, very talented and scoped out the perfect places that represented who we are and what we were looking for in our engagement photos. Amazing!!

— Erica W.

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Our photo shoot was a bit on the spontaneous side. We were both in Blooming Grove for the weekend, and I knew that I liked her work. Boy, did she floor me. When we were discussing details about when and where, she mentioned that her core desire as a photographer is to capture and express the beauty that our eyes capture naturally. Photography, for her, seems to be less about editing and more about revealing. From sun flares to silhouettes, Rebecca sees something about beauty that us normal people just… don’t. Thankfully, she’s taken up the business of revealing it to us. My photos reveal a bit about my heart, my admiration of those gentle powerhouses called horses, and all the beauty that nature can’t help but be. Also, Rebecca’s just a really lovely, honest-to-goodness cool woman with talents a plenty. Don’t forget to ask about her pet hedgehog, Link!

— Kendall W. 

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Rebecca is the absolute best of both worlds when it comes to event photography. Her ability to evolve with a photoshoot, encourage spontaneity, and transpose energy and whimsy into her shots and subjects is expertly matched alongside her professional manner and dedication to getting that “perfect” shot you will want to blow up and hang on your wall for years to come. She takes direction superbly, and caters methodically to your vision, theme, or picture checklist. At the same time, if you are unsure of what you want from a photoshoot or event photography, she imparts practical instruction and creative recommendations, all while making you feel relaxed and beautiful. Hire Rebecca and her team. Hire them now. A true artist, I can’t wait to have her photograph my next event. You can rest assured knowing your precious memories are in good hands.

— Jennifer W.

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Rebecca was wonderful! I have seen her talent in photography for years and it’s only increased with time. She did a great job with our engagements and with my bridals. Her presence was very professional but calm and comforting as well. I am very pleased that we chose her. I can’t wait to see our wedding pictures and the amazing job I know she did!

– Tabitha H.

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Can I just say—I grew up with Rebecca and was a part or at least witnessed many a photo shoot with her. It’s always been a passion for her and she’s always been great at it! But there is a whole other level she has reached that astounds me. Her photos have always had great qualities to them–but now I see photo after photo which blow my mind with her creative eye. She captures angles and moments that are so special and so incredibly unique.

– Nicole H.

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