Trooper Bride: Emily’s Drizzly-But-Dazzling Bridal Shoot

emily burnett wisdom bridal bride portrait

This March, I traveled back to my hometown of Blooming Grove to photograph  my cousin Emily and her fiance, Bryan. It was to be a two-day weekend extravaganza, complete with a bridal shoot on Saturday morning, followed by an adventuresome engagement shoot with the Mr-and-Mrs-to-be on Sunday evening.

We had grand plans for the bridal shoot—horses and dirt bikes and lots of other high-action and outdoorsy shots—but most of our plans fell through when the weather turned sour. It rained nearly all day Saturday with the temperature hovering just below 60 degrees, so we spent a lot of the day waiting (and warming up, in the case of our lovely bride) in the car for the rain to slow or stop so that we could snap a few portraits before the heavens opened up again.

Despite the overcast skies and the difficulty of keeping Emily’s dress and my gear dry, the storm did provide a wonderful soft and misty backdrop for the photos that we took in this starkly-green field of crops. I’m not sure what was growing, but the wild onion growing near the roadside smelled so nice!

emily-wisdom-bridal-(30)emily-wisdom-bridal-(38) emily-wisdom-bridal-(42)emily-wisdom-bridal-(41)emily-wisdom-bridal-(43)emily-wisdom-bridal-(55)emily-wisdom-bridal-(69)emily-wisdom-bridal-(83)emily-wisdom-bridal-(115)emily-wisdom-bridal-(108)-1emily-wisdom-bridal-(132)emily-wisdom-bridal-(116)

After capturing those stunning images in the field, we drove out to Freestone County Raceway, where the rain continued, the wind picked up, and the temperature dropped. We were able to get several lovely shots in the very grove of oak trees where Emily and Bryan would one day say their vows before the conditions became a little too ridiculous for photographing a beautiful woman in her wedding dress! At that point, we resolved to change clothes, play with the racetrack’s resident puppies (naturally), and finish the rest of our shoot the next afternoon.

emily-wisdom-bridal-(165)emily-wisdom-bridal-(150) emily-wisdom-bridal-(155)puppy cute baby animal

The next afternoon, weather conditions were even worse, but Emily, Amazonian warrior princess and Tough Mudder extraordinaire, decided that we would proceed undaunted—as long as she could wear a thick coat as we moved between locations! We found a sheltered valley in the woods and finished Emily’s bridal session in style, to say the least.

emily-wisdom-bridal-(166)emily-wisdom-bridal-(175)emily-wisdom-bridal-(194)emily-wisdom-bridal-(207) emily-wisdom-bridal-(209) emily-wisdom-bridal-(222) emily-wisdom-bridal-(223)b&wemily-wisdom-bridal-(243)emily-wisdom-bridal-(242)emily-wisdom-bridal-(265)emily-wisdom-bridal-(252) emily-wisdom-bridal-(262)emily-wisdom-bridal-(282)

Nailed it. Ems, you trooper bride, you.


Emily & Bryan said their vows and sealed their love on April 5, 2014 in the middle of a beautiful grove of pecan trees at Freestone County Raceway, a motocross racetrack in Wortham, Texas where Bryan has so often proved his mettle on a dirt bike. The Burnetts also gave me the privilege of photographing their wedding day, along with their engagement portraits, their wedding shower, and Emily’s bachelorette party and bridal shower.

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